Monday, November 1, 2010

Lousiest Fund Manager

Today i received a cheque from my investment in Prudential Shariah FX. Do you know how much is it? RM13.02 profit over 3 years or 0.26% return!! This is a capital protected fund that is invested in basket of currencies that bet against the USD. Well as you know currently USD has weakened tremendously against majority of currencies, yet this fund only returned 0.26%. This is really intriguing. Prudential fund managers, you are so damn lousy!! If you can't beat FD rate, you shouldn't be selling investment schemes. Even monkey can perform better.


Polite Market said...

you mention capital protected fund right?

I'm not sure how prudential work, but most capital protected fund sound good, but not in reality.

I can also give you a capital protected fund.

How it works....
You invest RM10,000

I take your RM9,200 and invest in FD, after three years will have RM10,053.09. So, your capital is protected.

I take your balance RM800 and invest in whatever high risk investment I want.

They actually help you to invest RM800, the RM9200 they out in FD to give you capital protected.

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